Redington Shores is located on a barrier island. It is only reachable by a number of bridges, which connect it to surrounding islands.

Redington Shores is bordered by Indian Shores to the north, and North Redington Beach, which sits just to the south.

Redington Shores covers more than 200 acres, and is home to a large section of beachfront shorelines, which sit on the Gulf of Mexico.

Redington Shores has a relatively low population, partly due to its geographical constraints and its location on a small barrier island. The island is constrained by water on all sides, with the Gulf of Mexico sitting to the west, and the intracoastal waterway to the east.

Redington Shores is served by the Suncoast Beach Trolly. The trolly allows riders to move around the Gulf Coast easily, without the stress of driving or the hassle of trying to find parking.